United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA)

The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) is a global network of parliamentarians, non governmental organizations, and scholars that fight for the citizens of UN member states to have a direct and influential role in political negotiations and decision-making at a global level. Its primary purpose is to improve global government by making it more democratic and independent. This assembly also focuses on making sure that the world’s citizens’ needs are properly addressed. At this annual session of BBALMUN, delegates will debate upon the face of the virtual world reflected to real life. In this futuristic committee, delegates are expected to discuss the worlds’ concerns and situations in 2070 related to nuclear technology, connection between real and virtual worlds (Metaverse) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In 2070, many things, starting from the discovery of a new element called oksilion to the rise in the number of nuclear power plants around the world (being 436), will have changed. Also fossil fuels will be canceled and majority of countries will provide clear energy either from nuclear or renewable energy sources. To sum up everything mentioned above, the members of UNPA will find effective solutions to some future international or national crisises and discuss new changes regarding the world in 2070.

Agenda Item

The Face Of The Virtual World Reflected To Real Life