United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

The Security Council, which is the most powerful UN body, is in charge of resolving any issues posing a threat to global peace and security. The Security Council must work to draft effective resolutions that have obvious and lasting effects. When faced with this great responsibility, the committee will use a variety of diplomatic tools that are typically available to any other institution. The UNSC is unlike any other body because it has the veto power of the Permanent Five (P5) members. This year in BBALMUN'23 UNSC will be trying to find the best resolution for the blood diamond situation in Africa.

This year at BBALMUN, the Security Council is going to simulate an historical event the world confronted in the 1990s. The agenda item of the committee is going to be the “illegal blood diamond trade in African countries” and the period between the 1990s and the 2000s is going to be used as the simulation years.

Blood diamonds are diamonds mined in war zones in Africa and sold to finance the activities there such as rebellion, terrorism etc. Said diamonds can also be smuggled by organized crime syndicates to be sold on the black market.

In this case what is expected from the delegates is to collaborate and discuss together on the agenda item in order to analyze the issue and lead to find the most efficient solutions to provide security and peace in the related regions.

Agenda Item

The Illegal Diamond Trade in 1990s' Africa