The United Nations General Assembly Sixth Committee (also known as the Legal Committee or GA6) is one of six main committees of the General Assembly of the United Nations. It deals primarily with legal matters and is the primary forum for the consideration of international law and other legal matters concerning the United Nations. In BBALMUN’24 the Committee is expected to revolve around the discussion of regulations of the construction law as the first agenda item and preventing the consequences of concentration of media ownership as the second agenda item. The agenda items pertaining to international law, legal matters and bussines ethics issues that have impact on people all over the world are assigned by the General Assembly to the Legal Committee, which is also labeled as the “Sixth Committee". The committee’s focus at BBALMUN’24 is to understand the requirements of the regulations in construction and to solve legal conflicts during construction. The second agenda item looks for a serious discussion about the consequences of the media ownership, risks of media integrity and making a consolidation on the media.

Agenda Items

Regulations Of The Construction Law

Preventing the consequences of concentration of media ownership