The Legal Committee, which is also known as the sixth and the last committee of the United Nations General Assembly, was established in 1947. Legal's primary duty is to focus on discussions affiliated with international legal issues. Its main purpose is to assess the pre existing laws as well as the recently established ones and alter or regulate them with new policies as solutions. In the 2023 edition of BBALMUN, the delegates are expected to find efficient solutions for 2 topics. The first agenda item is to discuss the legality of mass surveillance regulation. Mass Surveillance is a global issue which uses different varies of technologies, codes and systems that collect, analyze or generate data and information of citizens without limiting the individuality of the information obtained. The second agenda item is to debate the legal dimension of money laundering in shell enterprises. Shell companies are non-traded corporations, which are not listed on any stock exchanges for buying and selling by investors. These companies may have different purposes or reasons by themselves but what puts them together at a common point is that they make money illegally. All the discussions that will be held during BBALMUN’23 are of great importance that collaboration and endeavors of the delegates are expected in order to find beneficial and long term solutions.

Agenda Items

Regulation of mass surveillance

Legalities of the money laundering done in shell corporations