Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues (SOCHUM)

The agenda items pertaining to a variety of social, humanitarian, and human rights issues that impact people all over the world are assigned by the General Assembly to the "Third Committee" on SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues). Important questions about social development are also covered by the Third Committee. These include matters concerning to international drug control, crime prevention, family, racial discrimination, indigenous people, refugee treatment, children's protection, and many others. The committee's focus at BBALMUN'24 is anticipated to be on fraud identity card usage in various contexts and potential preventative measures that may need to be taken. The second agenda item also looks for a serious discussion of the accused citizen's rights to an unbiased legal process.

Agenda Items

Preventing The Usage Of Fraud Identity Cards In Various Areas

The Right Of Having Impartial Legal Proceedings For The Accused