JCC: The Third Crusade

‘‘O God, the gentiles have invaded your inheritance, they have sullied your holy temple, they have laid waste Jerusalem; they have left the dead bodies of your saints as meat for the beasts of the earth and food the birds of the air...’’

The Third Crusade was an attempt by European monarchs including Richard the Lionheart of England, Philip II of France, and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I to reconquer Jerusalem that fell to Saladin in 1187. The Europeans couldn't manage to recapture Jerusalem, which was the major aim of the Crusade and its religious focus, thus making the Crusade a failure. It marked a pivotal moment in the medieval clash between Christianity and Islam. It showcased the military prowess of both sides and highlighted the challenges of maintaining a lasting foothold in the Holy Land. Despite not achieving its primary objective, the crusade had lasting implications for medieval politics and diplomacy. The failure to recapture Jerusalem inspired subsequent Crusades but the Crusaders never managed to regain the city afterwards.

Delegates joining either sides of this joint cabinet are expected to lead their armies into victory by writing potent directives and creating wise battle strategies for achieving their religious aim. Are you ready to be the ruler of the Holy Land?